Why Is Parent Engagement In Schools Important? 10 Hacks For Busy Parents

Parent Engagement In Schools

The importance of active parent engagement in schools is becoming increasingly evident with every passing day. There are significant challenges that schools across the country face as they try to come up with effective curricula.

As primary stakeholders in your child’s education, you are crucial in determining how schools put their curriculum into action. It goes beyond having regular PTA meetings or doing homework; rather, it is about developing a strong connection with your child’s teachers.

This article will examine the dynamics of this vital partnership and discuss how it can positively affect your child’s educational path. Teachers also have a special note for them on how to improve parental engagement.

How Parent Engagement In Schools Work

Parents’ participation in schools implies a close connection between teachers and parents to ensure children’s education and maturity. It is about the cooperation of schools, community organizations and parents to assist kids and adolescents.

Parental involvement goes beyond school. It occurs in the community, at home and during after-school activities. An active participation of parents in their children’s school life is actually a shield that protects them positively.

Studies tell us that when parents are part of their kids’ school journey, it leads to better behavior, higher grades, and improved social skills. It also makes it more likely that kids will stay away from things like risky behavior or using harmful substances.

It helps children avoid many behaviors that could cause problems in their health and education. So, increasing parent engagement in schools is not only good for your child now, but also prepares them for a better future.

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Benefits Of Parent Engagement In Schools

Let’s look at why you should be engaged in your child’s activities in school:

1. Benefits for Your Child

When you actively engage in your child’s education, your child is more likely to earn higher grades and perform well on tests.

They also have a higher possibility of graduating from high school and college, and build confidence and motivation in the classroom. Additionally, your child will develop better social skills and exhibit improved classroom behavior.

Consider a study on math achievement, where families encouraging math learning at home were linked to higher percentages of students scoring proficient or above on standardized math tests.

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2. Positive Influence on Your Child’s Behavior

Decades of research consistently emphasize the benefits of parent engagement in schools.

Your parental involvement reduces the likelihood of your child developing low self-esteem or behavioral issues, aiding in their better adaptation to school life.

Studies spanning different grades reveal that increased parental engagement is associated with a decrease in “problem behaviors” and an improvement in social skills among students. It shows you how closely parental engagement and student achievement are linked.

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3. Benefits for Teachers

The benefits of parent engagement in schools extend beyond your child to impact teachers positively and classroom dynamics.

Creating a culture of engagement contributes to improved classroom conditions, benefiting teachers directly.

Knowing more about each student enables teachers to prepare better, and the assurance of your support empowers teachers to take academic risks and encourage students to delve deeper into their learning.

The collaboration between you and teachers creates an environment that fosters both your child’s and the teacher’s success.

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Increasing Parent Engagement In Schools

As parents, your parental involvement contributes significantly to your child’s success in school.

Here are practical steps to enhance and increase your engagement:

1. Stay Informed

You need to frequently visit school communication platforms, attend parent-teacher meetings and stay updated with your kid’s academic performance, school activities, and policies.

2. Volunteer Your Time

You can also volunteer for school events, field trips or classroom activities. Be actively present to build a sense of school community.

3. Join Parent-Teacher Associations (PTA) or Committees

Get involved in the PTA or other school committees to participate in decision-making processes actively and collaborate with other parents and school staff.

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4. Establish Regular Communication with Teachers

To develop open lines of communication with your child’s teachers, you can share the child’s strengths, interests, or challenges he/she faces.

You can foster open lines of communication with your child’s teachers by sharing any insights about his/her strengths, interests, and any challenges he/she may be experiencing.

5. Create a Supportive Learning Environment at Home

Encourage a positive attitude toward learning at home by establishing routines, providing a quiet study space, and showing interest in your child’s homework.

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6. Attend School Events

Participate actively in different school functions, shows and meetings so as to show your commitment to the school community and keep abreast with your child’s education.

7. Participate in Decision-Making Processes

Whenever possible, engage in school decision-making processes to provide valuable perspectives on issues related to curriculum, policies, and the overall learning environment.

8. Encourage Extracurricular Activities

Support your child’s involvement in extracurricular activities offered by the school, contributing to a well-rounded education and providing additional opportunities for parental engagement.

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9. Stay Positive and Encouraging

As you learn the way parental engagement and student achievement are linked.

It is important to foster a positive attitude towards education, celebrating your child’s achievements and offering unwavering support during challenging times.

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10. Collaborate with Teachers

Work collaboratively with your child’s teachers, attend meetings, and be an active participant in discussions about your child’s progress and educational goals.

Increasing Parent Engagement In Schools 
Why is parent engagement in schools important? 10 hacks for busy parents

When you actively increase the engagement of parents in schools, they help enrich your child’s educational experience while at the same time contributing to a supportive and thriving school community.

Still, teachers you also consider playing an important role in building positive relationships with students’ parents. There is an interesting parent engagement activity that was exhibited by some schools.

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Let’s see what you can do as teachers! 

Parent Engagement Activities For Teachers

Here are five unique parent engagement activities that teachers can implement to increase involvement in schools:

1. Learning Workshops for Parents

Organize interactive workshops that provide parents with insights into the curriculum, teaching methods, and strategies to support their child’s learning at home.

Include hands-on activities and practical tips that empower parents to actively engage in their child’s education.

2. Parent-Teacher Collaborative Projects

Create collaborative projects that involve both parents and students. This could be a joint science project, a family history assignment, or a community service initiative.

Such projects not only enhance parent-child bonding but also strengthen the connection between parents and teachers.

3. Interactive Online Platforms

Establish a dedicated online platform or forum where parents can engage with teachers, discuss school-related matters, and share resources.

This virtual space can also serve as a hub for educational materials, upcoming events, and a means for parents to connect with each other.

4. Parent Involvement Days

Invite parents to experience a day in their child’s shoes by shadowing them in the classroom.

This immersive parent involvement days allows parents to gain firsthand insights into the learning environment, teaching methods, and challenges faced by their child. It fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation for the educational process.

5. Family Book Clubs

Initiate a family book club where parents, teachers, and students read the same book and gather periodically to discuss it.

This activity promotes literacy, encourages critical thinking, and provides a casual setting for parents and teachers to interact, share perspectives, and strengthen their relationship.

These activities not only enhance parent engagement but also create a collaborative and supportive school community where everyone plays an active role in a child’s development.

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Word From Mind Family

As we wrap up our talk about how you can be a part of your child’s school journey, let’s think about parental engagement and student achievement. When you and the teachers team up, it makes school a fantastic place for your child to learn and grow.

The family book clubs, parent involvement days, and talking online are like bridges connecting your home and the school. They help everyone understand each other better, give support, and agree to help your child grow in every way.

So, be excited about these opportunities! They are not just tasks; they are chances for you to be part of your child’s growth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is parent engagement in schools?

Parents and teachers working together to help children learn is what we call parent engagement. It is an active involvement in what goes on in a child’s life at school and away from it.

2. What are the benefits of parent engagement in schools?

Better student behavior, higher academic achievement, improved social skills, and a positive learning climate are some benefits. Moreover, when parents engage in their children’s activities they minimize the risk of them indulging in dangerous acts.

3. What are ways for increasing parent engagement in schools?

To enhance engagement, it is important to be aware of the goings-on at school, offer volunteer services, join a school association, maintain good communication with teachers, create a conducive home environment, attend meetings and functions in school, participate in decision-making processes, motivate participation in co-curriculum activities and have a positive outlook.

4. What are some parent engagement activities?

Some of the activities include learning workshops, collaborative projects, interactive online platforms, parent involvement days, and family book clubs. These activities enhance the relationship between parents, teachers, and students.

5. How does parent engagement in schools work?

The Parent involvement, therefore, promotes teamwork among parents and educators. As a result, committed parents enhance good conduct, improved academic performance and better social relations.

6. Is parental engagement and student achievement?

It is true that student achievement is tightly related to parental engagement. Countless researches maintain that academic performance of students improves when parents are actively involved in their education.

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