10 Video Games For Kids That Makes Learning Fun And Entertaining! 

Video Games For Kids

Video games for kids are not just for entertainment anymore but they have become powerful sources that help children learn and grow in many ways.

They can foster creativity, enhance problem-solving skills as well as teach kids about collaboration and strategic thinking if chosen correctly.

To that end, we’ve put together a collection of ten enjoyable educational video games for kids! These titles strike up an equal amount between having fun and gaining knowledge thus allowing young ones to acquire vital competencies engagingly.

Now let’s get started!

10 Fun Video Games For Kids Every Parent Should Know!

1. Minecraft

Fun Video Games For Kids
10 video games for kids that makes learning fun and entertaining!  

Who hasn’t heard about Minecraft? When somebody mentions Minecraft, the first thing that comes to our minds is a bunch of colorful building blocks and vibrant visuals that most of us associate with our childhood.

Minecraft is a game that still holds up to this day. It taps into player’s creativity and lets them team up with others to build shelters, craft tools, and find food together.

There are no set objectives; each player can decide what they want to do in the game and work together as a team towards the common goal. These video games for kids foster teamwork among children who might work on group projects or excel at educational computer games.

2. Zoombinis

Zoombinis is a challenging pattern game for kids that helps them learn about patterns, exercise logic skills, and practice problem-solving. 

Fun Video Games For Kids
10 video games for kids that makes learning fun and entertaining!  

In this game, children enter a virtual world where they must save small blue creatures from the clutches of Bloats and send them back home to Zoombiniville.

The game consists of 12 levels which become progressively harder; children have to use their logical thinking abilities combined with pattern recognition skills if they want to succeed at higher stages – it’s a perfect video game for 8-year-olds with strong educational components.

3. Tycoon Games

Fun Video Games For Kids
10 video games for kids that makes learning fun and entertaining!  

Tycoon video games for kids are great because they provide an excellent mix of entertainment value and learning potential.

Players need to manage resources wisely; and make strategic decisions based on available information); build businesses (or even empires!).

Playing these types of games can help improve your child’s problem-solving abilities while also teaching them economics-related concepts such as supply & demand or cost-benefit analysis; critical thinking will also be developed through understanding how different factors affect success.

The fact that these games are visual and interactive ensures that the learning process is engaging and fun; seeing their creations come alive before their eyes provides an incredibly rewarding experience, making learning enjoyable as well as practical

4. Cities Skylines

Fun Video Games For Kids
10 video games for kids that makes learning fun and entertaining!  

This is among the best video games for kids who are creative and love city planning. With this video game, your child can create their very own city from scratch. They will get to know about urban planning and environmental issues as well as traffic management.

It is a good way for children to learn how cities work while developing their thinking skills in strategic ways and being more imaginative. It’s fun seeing the town grow up around them too!

5. Wordscapes

Fun Video Games For Kids
10 video games for kids that makes learning fun and entertaining!  

For 10-year-olds looking for an educational game, Wordscapes is a perfect choice! Kids strengthen their vocabulary by learning new words and practicing logical skills to figure out which words are right.

The concept for these video games for kids is simple: with a set number of letters, you need to make several words. To pass each level your kids will have to think of newer words constantly which will speed up their growth in language faster.

The app challenges players on some levels by disallowing three-letter words and offering daily puzzles where you have to guess all the words in a certain order. A built-in dictionary makes it easy for kids to add new words to their vocabulary too. You can play on Android or iOS.

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6. Kerbal Space Program

Fun Video Games For Kids
10 video games for kids that makes learning fun and entertaining!  

You’re tasked with helping the little green alien species (called Kerbals) build their spaceship in the Kerbal Space Program! Whether or not you get off the ground is determined by realistic physics engines.

Like some of these other video games for kids, there are different modes so you can tailor it to anyone; if the kid in your life doesn’t love following through on storyline missions, just use the creative-style mode and build the coolest rockets you can think of!

7. Sonic Superstars

Fun Video Games For Kids
10 video games for kids that makes learning fun and entertaining!  

It was obvious that this game would be included in the list of the best PC games for children. What I’m saying is, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the latest Sonic extravaganza made its way into the best PC games for kids list. Does any child not like him?

Also, does any adult not like him? I think many people could say they started gaming because of this fast blue hedgehog and never stopped!

That is what’s so great about it – Sonic Superstars or whichever one you choose to play. It can be played by anyone of any age, anywhere at any time.

These video games for kids have been rated E for everyone by Common Sense Media and as one of the most popular games on this list, Sonic Superstars really does live up to all its inclusive claims.

So if you or your child don’t already own it as the newest among these awesome side scrollers then what are you waiting for? This game will change your life!

8. Mario Kart

Fun Video Games For Kids
10 video games for kids that makes learning fun and entertaining!  

Mario Kart is an energetic race game great for kids. The simple controls make it easy to pick up and play, making it one of the easiest video games for kids!

As your child maneuvers their way around the colorful tracks using power-ups to get ahead they’ll develop hand-eye coordination, quick reflexes, and strategy skills! The multiplayer mode also encourages socializing with others while having some friendly competition between family members.

With different characters and tracks to choose from there’s always something new happening which helps keep things exciting but even through all these changes.

Mario Kart’s fast pace stays constant so different modes or challenges may help improve cognitive flexibility and adaptability in fast-paced situations.

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9. Among Us

Fun Video Games For Kids
10 video games for kids that makes learning fun and entertaining!  

The teamwork and mystery of this thrilling game are second to none. For kids, it is an exceptional opportunity to practice communication skills, cooperation, and critical thinking. 

While they attempt to identify the impostors among them, participants complete tasks on a spaceship.

This game promotes analytical thinking in children and gives them a chance to use their social deduction skills. Moreover, it is very interesting when they find out who the imposter is.

10. Escape Simulator

Fun Video Games For Kids
10 video games for kids that makes learning fun and entertaining!  

If your child loves puzzles and challenges then Escape Simulator is among the perfect video games for kids! 

They will have to solve complex puzzles and find hidden clues to escape from different themed rooms. It’s great because it helps develop problem-solving skills as well as logical thinking abilities while also being super fun at the same time!

Cooperative mode lets kids play together with friends or family which will teach them how important teamwork can be while enhancing communication skills too since everyone needs to talk about what needs to be done next etcetera.

Each room has its unique challenge so players must think outside the box sometimes – which encourages creativity too!

The game never gets boring thanks to immersive environments plus plenty more puzzling variety – all these things keep kids engaged whilst still learning valuable life lessons such as critical thinking observational skills etcetera.

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A Word From Mind Family

Exploring the world of video games can be a fun and enriching experience for kids. The games we’ve highlighted not only provide entertainment but also contribute to their cognitive and social development.

We believe that video games, when chosen wisely, can be powerful tools for education. They can enhance problem-solving skills, foster creativity, and teach valuable lessons about teamwork and strategy.

Remember, the key is balance and making sure that gaming is part of a varied and healthy lifestyle.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through the best educational video games for kids. We hope this guide helps you find the perfect games to support your child’s learning and growth.

Happy gaming from all of us at Mind Family!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are these games suitable for all age groups?

Most of these games are designed for kids aged 7 and up, but always check individual game ratings and reviews to ensure they are appropriate for your child’s age.

2. Do these games require internet access?

Some games like Among Us and Minecraft require internet for multiplayer modes, but others can be played offline, offering flexibility depending on your internet access.

3. Can these games be played on multiple platforms?

Yes, most of these games are available on various platforms including PC, consoles, and mobile devices. Always check the game’s compatibility with your device.

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