There Are Stepdads That Do Way More Than Biological Fathers

There are stepdads that do

There are stepdads that do WAY MORE than biological fathers.

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A Childs Shoulders Were Not Built To Bear The Weight

a childs shoulder

A child’s shoulders were not built to bear the weight of their parents choices.

-Toby Mac

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Signs You Grew Up With An Emotionally Immature Parent

Signs you grew up

Signs you grew up with an Emotionally Immature Parent

you’re over-explaining

you’re self-sacrificing

you feel you’re ‘difficult’

you feel you’re a burden

you feel you’re a nuisance

you feel you’re insignificant

you feel you’re ‘ungrateful’ you second guess yourself

you feel you’re a disappointment

Talking about them feels like blaming

you feel guilty

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Being A Mama Is Not Easy. You Still Have To Be A Mama When You’re Stressed

Being a mama is not easy.

Being a mama is not easy. You still have to be a Mama when you’re stressed, depressed, burnt out, crying and struggling. Mothers are superheroes. You won’t change my mind on that.

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Children Did Not Ask To Be Here

Children did not ask to be here

Children did not ask to be here. That is why you change and rearrange your life for them!

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BEFORE YOU GET MARRIED: Discuss bills, parenting styles, credit, debet..


BEFORE YOU GET MARRIED.Discuss bills, parenting styles, credit, debet, religion, how to deal with family, what beliefs will be instilled in your children, childhood traumas, sexsual expectations, partner expectations, financial expectations, family health history., mental health history, bucket list, dream home, careers and education, political views and whatever else come to mind.

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School’s Should Be Teaching Children About Mental Health

School's should be teaching children

School’s should be teaching children about mental health, emotional maturity, money management and meditation.

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I Grew Up Watching My Mother Handle The Obstacles Life Put In Her Way

I grew up watching my mother

I grew up watching my mother handle the obstacles life put in her way. She went through some really hard times and cried herself to sleep, but she still got up every morning and raised us. I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me.

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